Charlie has this to say about pressing issues…..
“Some believe that there is an abundance of what’s not working in Western Wisconsin; but I like to focus on what’s right! Always Remember: What unites us is far more compelling than what divides us.


June 3, 2020: While we, the people were distracted over riots, looting, unemployment and the Corona virus the power mad despots of Wisconsin were in the courts yesterday fighting to ensure the democracy killing districts defining their rule remain unchanged for the next decade. The only way to fight them is at the ballot box. I WILL power a charge for non partisan, common sense redistributing next year. But first you must Vote like Your Rights Depend on It by electing me, Charlie Warner your next District 93 Representative. Be sure to Like and Share and vote Warner November 3rd.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Legal fight over next round of redistricting begins in Wisconsin before a single map is drawn.

We all support our Public Schools
Sadly, rural schools are struggling. Population declines will follow unless we change the way Wisconsin pays for education.

It is our moral imperative to protect our land, air and water.
Wisconsin must return to investing in the DNR staff and scientists. They will be trusted to regulate and ensure the safety and purity of our most important resources in every part of this state.

We have excellent Health Care Systems
Access to affordable, high quality health care is a duty of our society to everyone. To keep our health care systems vital and have a sustaining workforce a living wage is necessary.

The Family Farm is in Crisis
Incomes are declining and we are losing our proud farmer heritage every day. Rural towns and communities are a reflection of what is happening on our farms. It is time to support family farms not corporate interests.

Broadband for Everyone
Internet speeds in rural Wisconsin are lower than those in Venezuela. High-speed internet for all!

Local Control is an Everyman Issue
Our villages and towns have lost too many controls in the last decade. In the name of growth and prosperity for our communities, we must stop these declines.