Campaign 2020: Charlie Warner (D) Mondovi – 93rd Assembly District

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DATE: 6/8/2020                                                                                                                            
CONTACT: Charlie Warner   715-495-2368     

“Charlie” Warner Announces Bid for the 93rd Assembly District

MONDOVI-   Today, Charlene Warner, of rural Mondovi announces her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 93rd Assembly District. Charlene or “Charlie”,  a 4th generation old-fashioned, Wisconsin Democrat, is the only challenger in many years to incumbent Warren Petryk. Her campaign is a repeat of her 2018 campaign to change the balance of representation in this highly gerrymandered district. With a monopoly of controls for ten long years she feels that she must give the citizens of the 93rd a balanced, fair option at the polls on November 3rd.   

“Growing up on our small family farm in Trempealeau County my family and I worked hard for what we had, and I always felt that there was a world of possibilities for me”, said Warner. “However, in many of the rural areas of Wisconsin that is no longer the case. I have been devastated to see the loss of family farms and the tragic decline in support for public schools.  Children can no longer dream of a world of opportunity after graduation, because they are too worried about where their next meal is coming from.  Our children can barely get by much less expect to enjoy a better life than we were given by our parents.  Our state wide governing bodies have abandoned our communities and sadly, have come together with the goal of corporate profits at all costs.”  “That is why I am running for State Assembly”, stated Warner. “I’m ready to fight for the people of rural Wisconsin and ensure they have the same opportunities I was afforded.”

Warner is a tuned in senior citizen with a deep resume beginning as a student at UW-Oshkosh, becoming a trailblazer in her field of real estate and finance, always being a working wife and mother with a stellar a record of volunteerism.  An early proponent for Habitat for Humanity, she can swing a hammer with the best of them or swing a hay bale over new grass. She’s been an avid community organizer in Mondovi as well as a Cub Scout, Little League and 4-H leader from Neenah to Arizona and Montana.   She served on the board and as specialized public speaker for  Dane County Advocates for Battered Women and is a frequent volunteer with the Humane Society and the Mondovi Garden Club. She is married, has grown children and 3 young granddaughters.  

 “I have great passion for serving the public and after years of consensus building and putting the needs of my clients first, it is clear to me that I can best serve our community and state by becoming your next assembly representative,” said Warner. “We have not been heard for 10 long years.  The people are saying that they want to expand Badger Care, legalize Medical Marijuana, create Fair Maps and provide affordable broadband service.  I’ll move forward on your goals and I will support you all the way to Madison– and beyond.”    

The 93rd is a far-reaching district including four townships in Eau Claire County, Pepin County, Maxville Township in Buffalo County, most of Pierce County, a tiny slice of St. Croix County, and the southern five townships of Dunn County.  The district was an integral part of the case brought to the US Supreme Court but eventually returned to the lower courts where it is still being fought. The outcome of this election will determine the progress made in the coming decade.   Election day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020.