Are you a part of the 93rd Assembly District?


Are you wondering if you live in the 93rd Assembly District? The boundaries are tricky and it covers a large area beginning around 6 miles East of Altoona and heading west to the confluence of the St. Croix River and the Mighty Mississippi north of Prescott. Prescott is actually the largest city in the district as the college communities of Eau Claire, Menomonie and River Falls were excluded. The lines will be redrawn later next year once the census is completed. The Wisconsin Constitution requires that the state legislative districts be compact and “that they be bounded by county, precinct, town, or ward lines where possible”. Our legislature has the responsibility of creating 99 districts with about 57,444 residents–those elected officials have the ability to change districts for their elective benefit. Managing the district lines for party benefit actually violates the constitutional principal of 1 person-1 vote. I am in favor of non-partisan, neutral redistricting criteria such at the process used by Iowa. It’s time to end this partisan divide!